Choosing the best Web Designer for your project

A good website can help improve your business. Just like a bad website can have an adverse effect on your bottom line by pushing potential customers away. Since this decision can have such a huge impact on your business, choosing the right web designer can be crucial.

Below is a list of important considerations when choosing a web designer for your project. But firstly, lets clear up an important distinction.

What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

The designer is the person who will design the look, feel & layout of your website. They will advise you on colour choices, typography, visual elements as well as site navigation and how the different pages interact with each other, external links and so on. A good designer will also be adept at creating custom graphics for your site.

Website development code

If your business is already established and you are now having a website built to add value to your customers and business, the designer will “translate” your existing company style to the website to ensure your branding strategy is maintained across the board.

A developer is someone who is more adept with the back-end coding of your website. They will have extensive knowledge with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web languages such as PHP. They will be responsible for ensuring that everything “just works” so your customers have an enjoyable experience when browsing through your website.

Quite often, you will come across a web designer who will take on both the design and development tasks of the website. This is not an unusual scenario, but always make sure that you do your research before committing to the designer.

How do you find a good designer and how much should you expect to pay?

Although pricing is a very important factor when choosing a web designer, who you choose to work with may come down to personal choices regarding whether you want to work with a local designer, or if you’re willing to work remotely via email, phone, video calls, etc. Other factors may include whether you get along with the designer. It can be difficult to work with someone if you don’t see eye to eye – no matter how good a designer they are.

Following are some of the things you should think about when choosing a web designer for your next project.


Having a well designed and developed website can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business. Doing extensive research and interviewing potential web designers before you start your project means you’re more likely to find a designer that:

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